Reviews For Ricklie Stone and Ron Waxman,

They Like Us…They Really, REALLY Like Us! ;-)
They Like Us…They Really, REALLY Like Us! 😉
The best!

Ricklie and Ron are fantastic! We've worked with them on buying two homes, and selling one too and all it's been amazing experience. They have encyclopedic knowledge about everything related to the housing market in Seattle as well as owning homes and condos, up to an including all the fine details around property ownership and maintenance. They stuck with us in our year long journey and got us a really good deal. In addition to a super smooth closing process they continue to stay in touch and make sure we feeling supported. Whether you are first time buyer or not you will not find anyone better!! Thank you!!!

Donna Carpenter-Hayward
Huntington Beach
The Best of the Best

We had Ron & Ricklie both buy our home and then sell it after 4 years. I met Ricklie at an open house several years ago. From our first initial meeting, I just trusted this woman and had an instant connection with her. After some not so great experiences with some other agents, She was a breath of fresh air! When we had the pleasure of meeting Ron, well lets just say it was icing on the cake. They were responsive, trustworthy, knowledgeable, kind and really cared about us. Their experience really kept us from making some mistakes along the way. We bought a great house with them representing us. It wasn't just about the the "money" with these two. They kept us from derailing ourselves along the way when we were thinking of selling and getting into another place. They asked the hard questions and really knew us better than we knew ourselves. So we stayed and when the time was right for us and our careers/retirement, we enlisted them to sell. They "DO" have some opinions when it comes to staging and selling your home. I was exhausted doing what we had to do but I knew (from experience) that they were right about everything. From staging to being away from your home at the right time, they guided us perfectly. We sold our home in one week with Multiple offers. So much more than we ever expected or even dreamed of. They put us in a position of possibilities and maybe just dreaming about retirement wasn't so far away now. My husband and I both cried when we heard the news. It was absolutely seamless. We both just appreciate their expertise and love the people that they are. We are traveling and renting now trying to figure out our next steps. Ron and Ricklie, I have one suggestion for you, Please get your RE license everywhere because we want to use you again!!!!

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Daniel Lewis
Professional & Experienced Guidance

"Our planned move to Seattle did not include any real research into the local real esttate market. We were relocating from Southern Caliofornia and did not have the resources to make any informed decisions. We located Ricklie & Ron's website and contacted them to schedule a meeting during a planned hoouse hunting trip to Seattle. On Day 1 we drove straight to their office and were provided with a good introduction to the local trends. We fully discussed our housing requirements and budget. Both agents spent the entire day with us-- first reviewing all listings and then driving us around the city to introduce us to the different neighborhoods where we saw a few homes to sample market conditions. On the following morning they picked us up and presened us with a specially tailored brochure with all homes they intended to show us that date. Each house was accompanied by a summary of the features, photographs and maps. They provided us with details from their vast experience that was not included in any multiple listing. In many cases they had seen these homes and could provide us with their anaysis of the positive and negative.features of each listing. We formed the impression they were not tring to sell us a house that was simply available but a house that met our requirements and was fairly priced. It was a successful strategy. We found the house we wanted and with their assistance presented an offer that was accepted. We coudn't be happier with our experience with Ricklie and Ron and we attribute our succesul house hunting adventure to their professional and experienced guidance."

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Heidi Stuber
Experts in the Seattle Market

"I've worked with Ricklie and Ron to purchase two homes. They are experts in the Seattle market and purchase process while also providing a personal touch that is so important when making a big purchase. In both cases, the bidding was competitive and their knowledge and finesse in writing the offers and personally delivering them was crucial to our success! For the first house, we actually got the home over a higher bidder - Ricklie is that effective! The second time, we won the bidding process by just $1,000! Ricklie and Ron are an amazing team - I wouldn't work with anyone else!"

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Katrina Blum
Ricklie and Ron Saved the Day!

"Ricklie and Ron saved the day (or even the year) for me! I had a previous realtor that didn't seem to have the skills and know-how to get my house sold. The Seattle Results team came highly recommended from a good friend that was selling his house at the same time. Meeting with Ricklie and Ron in person was great, they were extremely honest about the beneficial features and the not-as-desirable features of my property. I had a flood in the basement just prior to relisting the house, and they were very patient and helpful during that time without overwhelming or pressuring me.

The stager we used, per their recommendation, did an amazing job with the budget I had available. We received three offers very shortly after listing the house!! Ricklie and Ron did a bang-up job, and they were very professional and kind as well. I would certainly hire them again for any real estate business and also send people their way with extreme confidence!!"

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Victoria Templora
Would Deninitely Recommend

"My husband had a great experience buying a new home with Ricklie in 2008. After we were married, we wanted to sell both our homes and buy a family home together. Ricklie and Ron were able to help us with all of that and made it happen so quickly. With their expertise in the market, they were able to list our homes competitively which brought in offers quickly! They walked us through the entire process from getting our home market ready, offer reviews, paper signing, etc. For the purchase of our new home, we never had problems getting together to look at homes. When we found the home we wanted, they were able to walk us through making an offer and gave great advice on how to get the most for our money. They were always available for us, easy to contact, quick to respond, and delightful to work with. We would definitely recommend Ricklie and Ron to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home!"

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Joe Hutchins
Highly Recommended!

"You would be hard pressed to find more capable and professional representatation. Finely honed marketing, and an understanding of the real estate process that can only be gained with years of experience. Best of all --- Integrity. There was never a doubt whose interest was forefront. Highly recommended!!!"

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D Becker
Ricklie and Ron helped me find my dream home!

"Ricklie and Ron helped me find my dream home!

I was already impressed by Ricklie and Ron when they helped my good friend quickly find his amazing house. When I started my first house search I had him put me in contact with his real estate agents.

Once we found the perfect house Ricklie and Ron worked hard to craft an offer. They put me in contact with everybody I needed to close quickly. Through out the process I was constantly impressed by the information Ricklie and Ron were able to dig up to strengthen the offer.

In the end, we beat out a full cash offer on the first house that we bid on in an extremely competitive Seattle housing market. I couldn't be happier with the service Ricklie and Ron provided! "

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Lisa Frates
Ricklie and Ron Were Fantastic

"Ricklie and Ron were fantastic. We needed to sell quickly and they did just that. We found the sweet spot for pricing, they staged our place beautifully and we sold 5 days after listing, full asking price. I couldn't be happier."

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Jaimee Heffner
Helped Us Buy Our First Home

"Ron and Ricklie just helped us buy our first home in Seattle, and we are so grateful that a coworker recommended them! They are a great team--always available when we needed them. It took us 9 months to find what we were looking for since our housing needs kept changing, and never once during that time was there any lapse in attention to our search. We put offers on several houses and decided against making offers on some. All the while, we always felt that Ron and Ricklie were singularly focused on helping us find a house that would make us happy, not merely completing a sale. We found them to be trustworthy advisors on all aspects of buying a house, and even after the closing, they are still helping us by recommending good contractors to work on the house, at our request. Just further evidence that they are willing to go above and beyond what the typical agents offer. In fact, when we made an offer on one house that we really loved, our agents were the only ones out of 20 who took advantage of the seller's offer to allow in-person presentations--and on a Friday night, at that. I give Ron and Ricklie my highest recommendation, as I can't imagine anyone more knowledgable, dedicated, and hardworking than them."